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    Fact!! Benny Wenda Is A Big Liars

    In his flight abroad, Benny Wenda tried to deceive the international public with the manipulative issue of genocide in Papua.

    Certainly not yet disappeared from the memory of the international public, early December 2018, when the military wing of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) led by Egianus Kogoya savagely slaughtered civilians in the Yigi District (sub-district), Nduga Regency.

    Of the 25 PT Istaka Karya workers who were brutally slaughtered on the hilltops of Puncak Kabo, 4 people escaped and then evacuated the TNI-Polri apparatus. While 17 workers were found dead and 4 others to date have not been found.

    As a justification for the savage action, it is in line with politicians supporting independent Papua who claim that workers who work on the national strategic project for the Trans Papua road are members of the TNI.

    This claim was later refuted by the media which covered and interacted with victims' families. Also on this pretext, people who call themselves the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) OPM justify the killings they committed against civilians in the Papua region.

    Benny Wenda also carried out a manipulative campaign regarding the condition of Nduga Regency after the massacre of civilians carried out by TPN-OPM led by Egianus Kogoya.

    He accused the Indonesian government of carrying out military operations and said that the TNI-Polri apparatus used phosphorus bombs, prohibited chemical weapons. The lie can be detected from the asynchronous data submitted.

    News about this phosphorus bomb was reported in The Saturday Paper entitled "Exclusive: Chemical weapons dropped on Papua" on December 22, 2018. This news was allegedly sourced from the ULMWP network, attaching the following photo explaining that there were 7 people killed by this bomb.

    On January 18, 2019, Benny Wenda through his Twitter account distributed data claimed as a result of a military operation in Nduga Regency after the massacre of civilians by TPN-OPM in Yigi District.

    "There were 11 people shot dead including 3 children, 6 missing, and 8 people injured due to chemical bombs," the statement said.

    By comparing the two data above, the data submitted is doubtful. If previously told a number of international media there were citizens killed, then rectified to 8 people injured due to chemical weapons.

    In a press statement, the Head of Information for the Kodam XVII Cenderawasih Col. Inf Muhammad Aidi strongly denied the accusation. According to him, Indonesia does not have chemical weapons and photographs circulating on social media as phosphorus bombs are smoke grenade casings.

    Kapendam XVII Colonel Cenderawasih Inf M Aidi was accompanied by the Head of the Cenderawasih Military Command, Colonel CPL Dwi Soemartono who demonstrated the smoke grenade that was accused of a phosphorous bomb. (Pendam XVII Cenderawasih)
    "Smoke Grenades as soon as possible are the standard weapons used by all troops in the world. This smoke grenade does not contain explosives issued which were issued immediately as a target pointer or closed, "said Aidi in Jayapura.

    The official explanation of the Cenderawasih Military Command at the same time denied Benny Wenda's one-sided claim that dozens of residents were shot and said there were 3 children.

    "Claims are heralded by human rights activist groups and breakaway groups building authority such as the TNI-Polri to act blindly in Nduga. In fact, the TNI-Polri apparatus who evacuated the bodies of civilians who were brutally slaughtered by KKSB were repeatedly attacked by KKSB, "he said.

    Instead of getting international sympathy, the disclosure of the lies campaigned by Benny Wenda, it is not impossible to encourage the international public to succeed in getting the UN and make OPM and its military wing TPNPB an international organization.

    In fact, many people have been killed by this group, not to mention the hostage taking, attacks on teachers and health workers throughout Papua.

    Danrem 172 / PWY Kol Inf Jonathan Binsar Sianipar accompanied by Danyonif 756 Major Inf Arif Budi Situmeang chatting with residents while enjoying a stone grilled dish. (Information Kodam XVII Cenderawasih)
    This fact, further proves the manipulative campaign carried out by Benny Wenda as an effort to hamper development in Papua to continue to perpetuate the backwardness of indigenous Papuans.

    Benny Wenda is nothing more than corrupt officials in Papua who live in luxury over the suffering of indigenous Papuans who live in villages without adequate basic services.

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