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    Without ULMWP, Papua is Safe and Peaceful

    Evidence of development progress and equitable distribution of the welfare of the people of Papua is highlighted. Some of them were raised by former OPM (United Liberation Movement for West Papua/ULMWP) who eventually rejoined the Republic of Indonesia.

    The impact of the Papua riots ended peacefully the other day. Papuan youth leaders also voiced their endless call for peace. Demonstrations were held in several cities in Indonesia simultaneously rejecting Independent Papua. Because they realize that forever Papua is part of Indonesia.

    Without ULMWP, Papua is Safe and Peaceful

    John Norotouw, a former OPM figure who is now serving as a servant of God in the Sentani Church in Jayapura, confirmed that Papua is prosperous with Indonesia. He also said that now Papua has developed rapidly, even Papuans are masters in their own country with the Special Autonomy of Papua.

    John believes that if the conditions for change are far better at this time the essence of independence is the welfare of the changes that have now been obtained. The December 1 momentum that was formed a few years ago was based on opinion for change due to the political situation at the time.

    Previously he had melanglangbuana spent 28 years of struggle with lobbing the Pacific countries. This was done in order to get support for Free Papua. However, he decided to return to the Republic of Indonesia when he saw that Papua's condition was developing quite rapidly.

    Reverend John stated that if a change had occurred, Papuans prospered in the Republic of Indonesia, many would become masters in their own cities, so what else? Doesn't this mean that the struggle has been achieved, then which independence do you want to look for? John has now lived quietly mingling with the community. Enjoy the well-being that he now feels. He felt he had lived peacefully with Indonesia.

    Reverend John deplored the existence of a person who called for resistance against the government. Moreover, racism which led to division and made the atmosphere more murky.

    Another Papuan figure, Nick Messet (former OPM Foreign Minister, an organization that wants to separate from the Republic of Indonesia) said, "What was spread by the group (ULMWP led by Benny Wenda) is not true or hoaks," he continued.

    According to Nick Meset, the riots that occurred in several regions in Papua were caused by Benny Wenda's provocation. Therefore, he hopes that the community is not easily influenced by issues raised by Benny Wenda and his group, hoped Meset.

    Let's together create a sense of security so that development can continue until the people in Papua truly prosper, said Nick Meset.

    Alfredo Kway (native Papuan youth) said that the people of Papua need many things, Papuan children need proper education, young people need opportunities to work, their mothers need a decent place to sell and men need opportunities to earn a decent living to support his family.

    Papua needs these things to develop Papua from being left behind. And guess what, OPM members and sympathizers never helped the people of Papua to get their needs.

    According to Alfredo, development certainly requires security stability, with the existence of the Armed Separatist Criminal Group (KKSB) in an area, it means that it inhibits development in the area, because they are consciously opposed to development in Papua.

    Listen to the statements of religious leaders in Mbua, Reverend Nataniel Tabuni and Nduga Regent Yairus Gwijangge who instead requested that development programs should continue to be implemented in their areas.

    "We hope that the central government continues development, because this development is the hope of all citizens in Nduga Regency," Yairus said in early January 2019.

    Edward Krey, a Papuan student said, "Reflecting on the reality, Papua is in fact prosperous with Indonesia and this has also been widely proven including the events mentioned above. Significant development that has been felt seems to be a guideline that the government does not annul this Earth of Paradise ”.

    According to Edward, what needs to be watched out is the attitude of racism, separatists and other actions of individuals who want Indonesia to be divided for their own interests. Especially now that the government is more aggressively carrying out development in order to further improve the welfare of the people of Papua. Then what else are you looking for?

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