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    Youtefa Bridge Records 2 MURI Records

    Youtefa: A Milestone of Papua Development

    The development of Papua is the implementation of the commitment of Indonesia-centric that was declared by the Government of Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla. Why do we need infrastructure development? Because development acceleration is needed, the focus is on inter-regional connectivity that is still isolated.
    Youtefa Bridge (formerly called the Holtekamp Bridge) is a bridge over Youtefa Bay, Papua Province that connects Holtekamp with Hamadi along 732 meters with a width of 21 meters. This bridge is a steel arch type bridge that can shorten the distance and travel time from Jayapura City to Muara Tami District and to the Skouw Cross-border Post (PLBN) Skouw border region of Indonesia - Papua New Guinea. Before the bridge was built, the journey from the government area to the Muara Tami District covered a distance of 35 km and took about 1 hour. However, if you cross the Youtefa Bridge, the distance will be around 12 km with a travel time of about 15 minutes.
    This is the first time, the construction of a bridge where the curved bridge is made intact elsewhere then brought to the location. From Surabaya, the span of the bridge weighing 2000 tons and 112.5 m long was sent by ship by traveling as far as 3,200 kilometers in 19 days. The first span was installed on 21 February 2018 while the second span was installed on 15 March 2018 with an installation time of approximately 6 hours.
    The Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) set 2 records in the Youtefa Bridge construction project, which is the record for sending the longest steel frame bridge with the longest distance, and the longest steel frame bridge installation record.
    This is just a handful of portraits of Papua that have been transformed into growing. The difference is, there are many natural areas that are still virgins, while on other islands development has been touched. Although there are many issues about living costs and limitations, gradually there will be many people who are interested in living in Papua.
    Infrastructure development in the Jokowi era was proven to facilitate the distribution of goods that boosted the local economy.

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