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    All Parties Condemn the KSB Cruelty

    All Parties Condemn the KSB Cruelty

    Papua is grieving because of the bloody incident, again the role of the Armed Separatist Group (KSB) is the mastermind behind this atrocity. Not one or two cases, but many cases carried out by these radical elements. In addition to using firearms, these separatist groups also often use traditional weapons, namely arrows.

    Not only that, the KSB is also very unsettling for the community and impedes national development that is needed by the citizens. All parties condemned this atrocity and urged the TNI / Polri to immediately eradicate the group.

    The KSB action led by Egianus Kogoya was somewhat sadistic. the mob did not hesitate to shoot their own brother who opposed his wishes. based on the results of the investigation, the main motive for the KSB action was to show the existence of their group at the moment of December 1. Only, this time the celebration is different from the previous celebration and more extreme. Not limited to flag-raising as in previous years.

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