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    Be careful of Veronica Koman's lies and tricks

    Be careful of Veronica Koman's lies and tricks

    Veronica Koman again spread HOAX to divide the nation. since 17 August 2019, a lot of information about Papua was not properly distributed by Veronica K oman on social media, triggering riots. The photo he shows is a peaceful action by Jayapura residents demanding a settlement of the Surabaya case. At present the suspects in the case have been tried in court. The majority of the people of Papua have instead rejected the referendum.

    Veronica Koman is not a Papuan, she does not represent the people of Papua. All his actions are based solely on economic motives. He wants to find sensation and money from the funding of world NGOs. The same motive when marrying a foreigner, so that he could live to rake in money from strangers. The issue of Papua is only selling goods and boasting.

    Not long ago Veronica Koman also made a false issue by saying that the statue of General Sudirman in the Palace was a figure of Jokowi's Oligarchy. Previously, the heirs of General Sudirman's own descendants forgave Veronica and prayed that he also hoped that Veronica would receive guidance. That is one proof that Veronica's talk is just a hoax, not based on facts.

    Besides that Veronica is a person who breaks promises. He violated the scholarship agreement he signed himself. Want the money but do not want to carry out its obligations. When there was a massacre of 31 workers by the OPM on 1 December 2018 he did not speak. When an OPM graduated husband and wife were killed he was silent, when there was a motorcycle taxi driver OPM slaughtered and killed, he did not comment.

    It is clear that the utterance is only to seek sensation and funding from foreign NGOs / NGOs. Want to get an award like Malala Yousafzai but act cowardly like Benny Wenda who sacrificed the Papuan people themselves.

    In fact, Papuans and Papuan community leaders are not affected by liar provocation on social media. This proves that the Papuan people and their community leaders still want peace on Cenderawasih Earth. For the people of Papua, the Unitary Republic of Indonesia is a fixed price.

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