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    Government's Commitment to Resolve Human Rights Cases Should Be Appreciated

    Government's Commitment to Resolve Human Rights Cases Should Be Appreciated

    Human Rights (HAM) is a problem that is quite complex and sensitive, because it involves a personal life, and involves the dignity of human beings. Human rights violations also have a legal basis. So that nothing can be as delicious as human rights. Especially now that Indonesia has expanded its wings by being appointed as the UN Human Rights Council.

    The government reiterated to prioritize the settlement of human rights violations in Papua. The effort should be appreciated considering that the Government is currently looking for better approaches to resolve the case.

    There are still many cases of gross human rights violations that have not been completed until the recent alleged human rights violations in Papua. The election of Indonesia to be a wake up call to solve problems related to human dignity and that is, according to the corridor of human rights.

    Since the beginning the Government has fully supported Indonesia's membership in the UN Human Rights Council. However, the membership must also fulfill the requirements to improve the quality of human rights politics in their own country. Including prioritizing the Papua problem so that it does not drag on.

    The conflict that occurred in Bumi Cendrawasih has become the most crucial problem and must be resolved immediately. In this regard, Komnas HAM has a role to facilitate all parties to sit together to solve problems in Papua. Moreover, Komnas HAM claims to have visited Papua in October 2019 to see the problems facing Papua.

    Many parties appreciated Indonesia's new achievements on an international scale. Not a few who are skeptical to see Indonesia again serving as the UN Human Rights Council in the midst of the world's spotlight on the situation in Papua which later had heated up.

    President Joko Widodo responded to this by appealing to the Papuan people to reflect on the experience of the conflict, which in recent times had peaked. The conflict must be a valuable lesson for the people of Papua that the commitment to unity to develop Papua must be maintained.

    Jokowi added, if all the people of Papua were united, prosperity and prosperity would be achieved. Jokowi also stated that, the National Police and TNi continue to be committed to maintaining unity in the Earth of Paradise. Jokowi asked the Papuan people to solve problems that could trigger conflict peacefully so that unity could be maintained.

    Good cooperation between countries, government officials, to the bottom line of society is not impossible to be able to solve even the most difficult problems. Countries that are strong and prosperous are those who are united, cooperating with one another.

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