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    Healing Trauma To Elementary Students In Wamena By The Police

    Healing Trauma To Elementary Students In Wamena By The Police

    To recover trauma to children of conflict victims, the Jayawijaya District Police provided trauma healing to students at SD YPK Betlehem Wamena. The activity was led directly by the Kasw Binmas of the Jayawijaya Regional Police Station Iptu Suparyono by involving Jayawijaya Regional Police and the trauma healing team from the NGO Sahabat Fellow.

    In this activity, Kasat Binmas stated that it would provide insight into the nationality of children in grades 5 and 6 such as playing and singing, the importance of unity by not differentiating between tribes and races, then asking students to memorize Pancasila and the symbols of each principle and provide an understanding of Unity in Diversity.

    "We also invited grade 1 students to grade 4 to play and learn in the field in front of the school and distribute books and pencils to students who were present and took part in the activities," Kasat Binmas said.

    On that occasion also, Kasat added that he wanted to provide motivation for children to keep their enthusiasm in school even though not half of them had entered school, because many had left Wamena due to the conflict that occurred some time ago.

    "Based on information from the Deputy Principal of the number of students and 657 students currently in school totaling 217 people, even so the teaching and learning activities must continue to run," he concluded.

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