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    Papua Loves Peace

    Papua Loves Peace

    Papua is a land of peace, and this has been a joint commitment of its citizens for many years, so it should be agreed not to make noise or spread false information.

    Moreover, December is the month to prepare for Christmas celebrations for Christians. So don't let the peace of Christmas be influenced by troubling issues.

    Instead of making actions or speeches that can provoke riots, it is better for residents to pray in their homes, not by gathering in the streets or in a place that has been banned by the government.

    Especially in the last three months the situation in Papua is in a situation of recovery after anarchist action in a number of regions. Of course, to maintain peace in December,

    Papuans should be smarter and more careful in accepting all forms of information or invitations that lead to problems. It is better for us and our family to prepare ourselves to welcome the Christmas celebration on December 25 2019 and the new year 2020.

    Although the current situation is monitored conducive, residents are expected to avoid everything that can cause riots or chaos on Cenderawasih Earth, because the true citizens of Papua are all peace-loving.

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