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    Benny Wenda Has No Right to Manage Papuans

    Benny Wenda Has No Right to Manage Papuans

    Abisai Rollo has no right to govern the people of Papua. He claimed not to know the figure of the Chairman of the Papua Liberation Movement, Benny Wenda. Abisai, referring to mass media reports that said Benny Wenda was a foreign citizen, not an Indonesian citizen.

    "I am from Jayapura City, and we are Indonesian. We are NKRI with a fixed price. For Benny Wenda, I myself have never known him," said Abisai, who is also a Representative of Papuan leaders.

    Abisai said Benny did not have the right to regulate the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) and the Land of Papua. He stressed that Papua is part of Indonesian territory and cannot be contested.

    "So he has no right to regulate the Unitary Republic of Indonesia and does not have the right to govern the land of Papua. Because Papua is part of the Republic of Indonesia," he said.

    According to Abisai, he had told Jokowi that in the whole of Papua there were no other flags, other than the Red and White flag. He stated the Red and White flag was hoisted from the coast to the mountainous region on Cenderawasih Earth.

    "The Red and White Flag was hoisted from the white-white waves to the blue-blue mountain. There is no other flag. Only one flag, the flag of the Saka Merah Putih," he said.

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