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    Build Papua with Positive Narrative

    Build Papua with Positive Narrative

    The Government and the Regional Government of Papua are focusing and aggressively building and improving the welfare of the Papuan people, namely by improving community services, opening isolated access, making telecommunications networks, improving health and education services for the community.

    When interviewed, the Head of the Ministry of Interior's Information Center Bahtiar invited all elements to unite to develop Papua, one of which was by building a positive narrative.

    "Building Papua is a joint work, so the development must be supported with positive narratives," he said.

    Bahtiar invited all parties to stop and reduce negative narratives or anything that could hamper development in Papua.

    Entering the new year 2020, Bahtiar also invites the public to spread coolness and peace, and do not thicken conflict or negative narratives in any form or matter.

    Regarding the resignation of the Deputy Regent of Nduga to date, according to Bahtiar, the Papua Province and the Ministry of Home Affairs have not yet received an official letter of resignation.

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