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    Mispo Gwijangge Defendant of the Massacre in Nduga

    Mispo Gwijangge Defendant of the Massacre in Nduga

    Mispo Gwijangge was one of the defendants involved in the massacre of dozens of employees of PT IstakaKarya in Nduga Regency, Papua Province in 2018 and then charged under Article 340 of the Criminal Code.

    Head of the Jayawijaya District Attorney General's Criminal Section, Ricarda Arsenius, said the investigation of the defendant Mispo Gwijangge entered stage two. "Our perpetrators snare Article 340 (KUHP, regarding) premeditated murder," he said.

    Police said Mispo Gwijangge was a resident of Yigi District, Nduga who was recruited by the leader of the Nduga armed gang, Egianus Kogoya, to carry out the massacre.

    "The time of the massacre was divided into two groups. Egianus and his group and there were groups from the community but were pro-Egianus," said Head of Criminal Investigation Assistance for Jayawijaya Regional Police, Inspector Two Police Alexander.

    In that case, the Public Prosecutor in the Jayawijaya District Attorney was preparing an indictment so that the case could be heard immediately. "We hope the process will be heard quickly," he said.

    Jayawijaya District Attorney confirmed that the condition of the Mispo defendant who was arrested in May 2019 was in good health, not sick or unable to speak as reported on social media by KKB supporters.

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