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    TNI Willing to Replace Teachers in Nduga Post-Conflict

    TNI Willing to Replace Teachers in Nduga Post-Conflict

    Considering the cruelty of the KKB armed criminal group, a number of teachers who teach in several schools in Nduga Regency, Papua, do not want to return to their assignments. The teachers chose to leave Nduga because of the trauma caused by the violence, rape and threats of armed groups.

    Teaching and learning activities stop at several schools in the area of ​​operation of armed criminal groups. A number of teachers and the community, including school children, fled to Jayawijaya Regency

    Many migrants (non-locals) feel trauma and fear. What is even more fatal is that there is no teaching and learning process in the area. Elementary to high school students who are the nation's next generation cannot receive education.

    The TNI has coordinated with the Nduga Regency Government in this regard. He hopes that students who come to Jayawijaya can return soon and continue their education in Nduga Regency.

    Until now there are around 320 children from Nduga who are in Jayawijaya Regency studying in emergency schools. The school is in the courtyard of a church building in Elekma, Jayawijaya. They live in the homes of relatives, most of whom are in Elekma village.

    A number of residents of Nduga Regency had sought refuge in the wilderness. They were traumatized and chose to flee to a safe place to avoid the conflict. But some residents have returned to their hometowns.

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