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    Police in Jayapura Apply Physical Distancing in Traffic Light

    Jayapura City Traffic Police Unit starts introducing adaptations of new habits by innovating traffic signs in the Jayapura City Region.

    The introduction of the adaptation of new habits and Physical Disntacing within the framework of Operation Obedient Operation of the Matoa 2020 Jayapura City Police.

    The Jayapura City Police Traffic Unit also began to introduce efforts to prevent covid-19 transmission against motorists on the public road, especially when in the traffic lights of Dok V above and Dok II Jayapura District District.

    Kasat Lantas Jayapura City Police AKP Viky Pandu Widhapermana explained, making the road markings aim to implement physical distancing and maintain orderliness of motorcycle riders when stopped at traffic light.

    Then Kasat continued, in the Beginning of Operation Obedient Matoa 2020, we are still making appeals to motorists but in the future action will be taken against motorists who violate traffic regulations.

    "Our hope, with the existence of these road markings, is that we can minimize the risk of corona virus transmission (covid-19) when passing traffic and of course it will be maximized if drivers comply with health protocols such as using masks," he said.

    In addition to this, the officer who was socializing the new markers also urged motorists to continue to obey traffic signs in general, in order to maintain the safety of themselves and others.

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