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    Papuans Decisively Refuse the existence of KKB in their Areas

    Papuans Decisively Refuse the existence of KKB in their Areas

    The Armed Criminal Group (KKB) of Papua until now continues to launch its action, they are not reluctant to commit cruel criminal actions against the people of Papua, which incidentally is his own brother.

    These criminal acts and heinous acts are a stigma attached to Papuan separatist groups. They are not only hostile to the people of Papua, but also Papua New Guinea.
    Their existence also received open rejection by a number of Community Leaders in Papua.

    Ray Tanji, who is a community leader in Wutung, Vanimo, West Sepik Province, which borders directly with Skouw district, Jayapura, Indonesia, asked the authorities to repatriate the Free Papua KKB to the Jayapura region.

    Ray Tanji stated that the presence of the KKB in Papua New Guinea had caused many problems for residents living on the border. Ray asked the Papua New Guinea government to get rid of the KKB people from Vanimo, because they were considered the trouble makers in the border region so far.

    On October 1, there was a report of armed clashes between the Indonesian military and elements associated with the Free Papua Movement. As a result of the incident, the authorities immediately closed the border access between Indonesia - Papua New Guinea, in Skouw-Wutung, Muara Tami District, Jayapura.

    Meanwhile on Friday, October 4, 2019, Wutung residents agreed to petition the PNG Government to relocate refugees from Papua who now live in Wutung and other areas on the west coast of Vanimo.

    The petition, intended to address security risks for refugees and local residents at the border. Residents also reported armed clashes between the Indonesian military and the KKB occurring around the Market Limit.

    The group calling itself the West Papuan Revolutionary Army (WPRA) claimed responsibility for the contact. The TNI also ensured that it could take persuasive steps if the KKB leadership group had the good faith to surrender and said it was ready to join the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

    The KKB movement will certainly still continue, that is why the TNI troops will always be on standby. The soft approach and Hard Approach approach also seems to need to be optimized by the TNI apparatus, those who want independence on behalf of Free Papua, certainly show resistance to the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.

    The TNI apparatus should have been able to sniff out weapons suppliers for the KKB, and could narrow the space for weapons suppliers and ammunition for the KKB so that the movements of the separatist organization would not be increasingly troubling.

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